Thursday, 28 February 2013

Interview with the dead Mr Rellik_Ng Keen Yung_18_S2-04

Q1: My car had broken down and I needed a way home.
Q2: Nothing much. The boy's parents kept asking me questions. To be frank, I did not want to talk much.
Q3: They looked nice enough, and they looked like they had just come from a holiday.
Q4: He looked scared of me, and kept staring at me.
Q5: The boy just curled up in his seat and kicked me out! I hit the door and it gave way, and I fell out, right into the path of a truck coming in the opposite direction.
Q6: I saw parts of it, the parts that weren't squashed. I still could see my cigarette case, with my hand holding on to it. It al looked so gruesome I could've vomited.

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