Wednesday, 27 February 2013

English Interview with Mr Rellik

Qn 1: Renwick. Not Rellik. Rellik is what that boy misheard. Anyways, I work outside of Lowesoft. That fateful day, my car broke down and I managed to hitchhike all the way to Southwold before the family picked me up. It was going to rain and i was actually thankful that they picked me up at first

Qn 2:  I told them I was headed to Glade Street. Its a newly built and I do not think they know it. Then, i was told it was Jacob’s birthday. Then, i shook his hand then i saw there was still mud on my hand. Therefore i pulled back my hand and wiped the mud away.

Qn 3: I think that the father was very friendly and kind but I do not think that the mother and son did not trust me much. Maybe they were not used to strangers like me. 

Qn 4: The boy was kind of weird. Every-time he looked at me, i feel that he was suspicious of me and scared. He was looking at me weird

Qn 5: As we were going around the round about, he extended both legs and kicked me, one leg on my arm and one leg in my stomach. I had my hands in my jacket and i did not have the time to defend myself. I was slammed against the door and the catch broke open. i was flung on the road.

Qn 6: Yes. It was all bloody and mangled. i feel so sad that a misunderstanding can cause such harm!

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