Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ian Rellik's Interview

1. I was driving my rickety car on the way back, but it broke down. It was cold and the engine would not start. I managed to trod through the rain until I reached Southwold. Many drivers did not lend me a hand until, a station wagon pulled up.

2. The driver greeted me and asked where I wanted to go and where I was prior to this. Meanwhile, the boy next to me was staring anxiously at me. I am not sure if he was alright as he seem really shocked.

3. I found the driver a carefree and heartwarming fellow. I was weary of the boy as he had facial expressions that did not match the atmosphere. The lady seemed quite nervous too. I think they are an average family. I knew that my sudden appearance would make them suspicious.

4. He looked like any teenager you would find on the street. However, after a rumbling thunder, he stared at me. I mouthed some words for myself and I could see his eyes growing wider by the second. My thumb was covered in mud too. He started to panic and I tried to calm him down. I felt that he was mentally unstable. What wrong have I done?

5. I was unfortunately sitting by a door with a broken lock. The hinges seemed to be moving apart too. I placed my hand in my pocket to check for my cigarette casing. He glimpsed at it and became flustered. He angled himself against the other door. With my hands still in my pocket, he launched kicks at me. I was dislocated from my seat and the door ground apart. I fell out onto road. A truck, blasting his horns, ran over my body.

6. My body and my belongings were scattered over the width of two lanes. My body was seemingly like freshly blended pig innards. Blood and pieces of flesh littered the road. On the truck's tyre, I saw the remnants of my torso. I was horrified as it was a grisly way to go. It happened all too quick too. Since my body was mashed, I would not be able to even receive a proper burial like any human would.

Poon Wai Kit (19)

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