Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Rellik Interview

This is my video followed by the script.
Q1: Absolutely not. My car broke down on my way home,which is in Ipswich, and I thought that i could make my way home on foot. While I was walking home, a car pulled beside me as I put out my thumb and showed the universal symbol of a hitchhiker. I think they decided to give me a lift as it was raining heavily on that day.
Q2:When I boarded the car, I was made to sit beside a boy who was the child of the couple inside the car. Then I asked if they went out for the day and then they told me that it was that boy's birthday and they went to suffolk to celebrate it. They also asked me about my destination and I told them each and every detail.
Q3:They were very silent as they didn't talk a single word throughout the whole journey. The husband and wife were both in good occupations when I questioned them about their occupations.
Q4:He was very timid and he looked at me very suspiciously. I think he thought that I was a murderer or something. 
Q5:The boy gave me a really hard kick that sent me flying out of the car through a door which I later realised that it was defective.I landed on the road right in front of a heavy vehicle that smashed me into bits and I was smeared all over the road. 
Q6: No, I was very sad as I lived a very whorl life and I also felt sorry and angry for the boy as he could have been mentally disabled.

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  1. I may not be correct sorry for unwanted background noise and repeated words.