Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Interview with Ian Rellik

Q1) After a long day at work, my car broke down. I could not get hold of any car repairing services so I decided to hitchhike. I only managed to hitchhike to Southwold, where it started raining really heavily. That was when I hitchhiked John’s car.

Q2) When I boarded the car, I sat next to a young boy. named Jacob. He seemed uncomfortable with me there so I tried being friendly to him. I tried to make conversation with his father by asking if they had been out for the day. Then his father asked me about why I was there hitchhiking a ride.

Q3) The father seemed really friendly and cheerful. I could tell that his wife and son were uncomfortable with me in their car. But in overall they were just like any other family.

Q4) The boy was quiet and observant, he was looking at my every movement. I found him rather shy as he did not speak much.

Q5)The boy kicked me towards the direction of the car door, one feet landing on my shoulder and another just above my waist. The door gave way and I was flung out of the car onto the road. When I fell on the road, a truck came straight for me and its front wheels crushed my every bone.

Q6) Yes, I saw my own body. I was very confused as to why the boy in the car kicked me out of the car. I blame my bad luck for hitchhiking a ride from such a family. I could tell the boy did not want his father to stop for me and I shouldn’t have tried being so friendly.

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