Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Q1 My car broke down near Lowestoft and Ipswich was about 20 miles away. There was a heavy thunderstorm too, so I decided to hitch a ride.

Q2 I chatted with the family. The boy was observing me the moment I got in.

Q3 The family was friendly and outgoing. Though, the boy was weird. His expression made me uncomfortable.

Q4 At first, I thought than the boy was normal like all others but he started to act strangely. He seemed uncomfortable with me and he kept staring at him. He looked shaken and worried after a thunder storm.

Q5 The boy kicked me and I was thrown out of the car when the catch of the door gave away. I hit the road and a tractor tailer ran over me.

Q6 I saw my own body after death. It was horrible. I couldn't believe that i'm dead. My body was squashed badly and blood was flowing like a river onto the road. I felt angry and terrible, seeing my body in this state because of a boy who was mental. I regretted my decision to hitch a ride now.

Angeline Yap

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