Wednesday, 27 February 2013

English Interview with Ian Rellik

1. Oh, I was going home that day after the last delivery to a customer. I went home earlier that day as there were some problems with the engine and I wanted to call for a tow truck when I reached home. Unfortunately, it started pouring and the engine finally gave up. I decided to walk and hitchhike at the same time and return for the car the next day. I was hitchhiking for rather long before the family stopped and allowed me onto the car.

2. I was extremely grateful as it was pouring and those kind of people are rare nowadays. I introduced myself and I got to know Jacob a little.

3. Well, they were rather quiet during the ride and Jacob was acting very strangely. Overall, I think that the family is one that does not want to invite any trouble for themselves.

4. He was behaving strangely and seemed harmless but fearful of me. He did not dare to look at my direction.

5. I wanted to give him a special coin as a birthday gift and a token of appreciation, but he suddenly kicked me and I heard a click, probably the lock of the door, and suddenly I was flying out into the open and everything became black.

6. Wait a minute, I died? Right after everything became black, I strained to open my eyes and found myself lying on the roadside where the family picked me up. I walked on and on, and saw police and an ambulance carrying a body. I thought it looked strangely familiar. My death must have left so many people upset, my family, my frequent customers, and my relatives. I was enjoying my life then, until everything in the world seemed unreal.

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