Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Interview with Mr Rellik (Goh Qian Zhe)(11)

 I was travelling from the garden I worked in to Ipswich today, but my car broke down, so I decided to walk down to Ipswich while trying to hitch a car ride.

When I boarded the car, I received a relatively friendly welcome and sat on the back seat while having a short chat with the driver.

I felt that they were helpful but quite reluctant to do so, and I felt very uneasy with them.

I felt that the boy was very unhappy with me, as I saw shock and I could feel that he was scared of me. I can Infer that he wanted me to leave the car as soon as possible.

He pushed me off the car! The door beside me was actually not locked properly and I flew off from the vehicle where the distance was quite huge. After that, I got knocked down by a tractor trailer

Q6. I saw it. I was gruesome and unbearable. I felt shocked and angry as I did not even know why I was pushed down that car and why I needed to die. My life was just simply taken away just like that!, What bad luck I had!

Thank You

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