Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Interview with Mr Ian Rellik

Q1) My car had broken down and I needed to go to Ipswich as soon as possible as my mother was ill.
Q2) When I boarded the car I felt really grateful at first as no other car would stop for me.
Q3) I felt that the family did not really want me to board their car and I felt very uncomfortable and unwelcome.
Q4) I felt that the boy was really disturbed with my arrival on the car. I felt this as he kept staring at me from time to time and gave a scared look as though I was a ghost.
Q5) The boy kicked me towards the door. I think the lock was not working as once I fell towards it, the lock gave away and I fell down rolling. I think I broke my hand in the fall. The last thing that I could remember is the sound of a horn and a huge and heavy black rubbery material squeezed my face till my eyeballs popped out. It was horrible.
Q6) Yes, I saw my own body after my death. Although I could not see most of my body as most of it was squished under the tractor trailer. I felt rage and anger towards the boy at first But now, I know that the boy was mentally ill and I feel sorry for him.

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