Wednesday, 27 February 2013

An interview with Ian Rellik--Sarah Chan

1) My car broke down that day, near lowestoft. i figured I could hitchhike, and I got all the way to southwold

2) Well, I felt a little uncomfortable and embarrassed, since I dirtied their vcar with all the oild and rainwater from my clothes. The driver was nice enough to engage me in conversation

3) They were very nice people, picking up a hitchhiker in the middle of nowhere. I liked the man, he was rather friendly, but the mother was quite cold to me.

4) The first impression I got of Jacob was that he was just another normal boy, but when I wanted to shake his hand, he got all panicky. for the entire ride, he looked at me like I was some kind of murderer, ad then he pushed me out of the car.

5) I didn't really know what exactly happened, until I felt a kick to my stomach, and I was sailing through the air. I vaguely saw a truck's headlights, and then I felt pain.

6) When I woke up, I thought that it was all a dream, until I found myself staring at my own body. I felt really upset because I died quite early, I could have done a lot more things if I was still alive. I am still angry at the boy.

Sorry if its a little soft

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