Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mr Ian Rellik interview with Tham Chun Leong

Q1. Well, I was heading towards Ipswich but my car broke down halfway. So, I had to hitchhike all the way to Southwold, where no one wanted to bring me any further, until their family came.

Q2. If I remember correctly, the first thing that I did when I boarded the car was notice the boy at the back, he kept staring at me and always appear to be in great thought, but his parents in the front though were very friendly, especially the dentist guy, he was very chatty and very cheerful. Then they asked me questions about where I came from and what my name was, and I answered them truthfully.

Q3. The two adults in the front seat were very friendly. We could have chatted for the entire trip, also, they were the ones that let me onto their car without much hesitation unlike the other drivers.

Q4. The boy at the back? Oh, you mean Jacob? Well, he was kind of strange, I could tell he was very suspicious of me of being a murderer or kidnapper. For the entire trip, he ket staring at me and sometimes looks as though he was in deep thought. Everything I did, he would prepare himself, as though I was going for an attack.

Q5. I’m not really sure but all I remember was picking a cigarette from the cigarette box and then I felt something thud into my left. I got knocked to the right and the door gave way. My head slammed onto the ground and the last thing I can remember was something crushed me.

Q6. I saw my own body all right, blood was gushing out of it. It was really horrible! No one told me Jacob was insane! I really regretted hitchhiking, it got me killed. I could have taken the train which was faster, but I didn’t, and this is what happens.

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