Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ian Rellik(Interview)

My Script:Q1)My car had broken down near Lowestoft. I hitchhiked to Southwold so that I could hitch a ride back to my hometown Ipswich. Luckily, I saw this car at the expressway. I stuck out my thumb which is the universal sign of a hitchhiker. The driver was too kind to give me a ride.

                   Q2)The father who was the driver was very kind and polite. He acted very casually with me. However, his son started acting strangely. Every time he looked at me,he shuddered in fear. I tried my very best to ignore him.

                  Q3) The family seems to have problems with one another. They are unable to see eye to eye. The mother and the son seemed not to like me. They were very paranoid. On the other hand,the father was kind and helpful and also casual.

                  Q4)The boy looked like he was mentally ill. He looked like he was disturbed by my presence. Every now and then,he would give me a sideways glance. It was very unusual. I tried not to make any sudden movements so that I would not scare him as he was obviously very scared of me.

                  Q5)Well,it happened in a split second. He lost control and started yelling and crouching in  the corner of his seat. I was taken aback by his sudden movement. I wanted to ask what had happened but it was too late. He kicked me out of the car. This wretched tractor trailer then ran over me. It was very unfortunate. I could have survived if the tractor trailer wasn't there.

                 Q6)I did see my own body. But,it was beyond recognition. I felt very frustrated and unhappy. I was the sole breadwinner of my family. Without me,they are unlikely to have enough money to support each other. My children would have to stop their education. I hope that the boy is punished fairly for his mistake.

Sorry about the poor lighting.

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