Wednesday, 27 February 2013


1. It was raining and my car broke down near Lowestoft. I did not have enough cash to get a train ticket to Ipswich, so I decided to walk there. When I saw the car, I felt extremely fortunate that I would not have to walk another twenty miles.

2. The father, the driver, asked me about my day, and I also gave him my name. The son, Jacob, and the mother were quite quiet though.

3. They looked like a pretty normal family, except that I could sense a certain tension between them.

4. He seemed okay, maybe a little scared or shy because he was wide-eyed and tense throughout my journey with him. I tried to ask him if he was okay, but he did not seem to take it very well and simply gaped at me.

5. He kicked my shoulder and waist! It happened so quickly, I hardly realized it until I was flying out of  the car. I could not have defended myself as my hands were under my jacket, looking for my cigarette case.

6. Yes I did. It was gruesome, my body squashed on the ground like mashed potatoes. What did I ever do to the boy? I died an innocent death.

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