Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ethan Khor_Rellik Interview

Q1: My car had broken down, and I was trying to get home. I managed to hitchhike as far as Southwold, which was where Jacob's family picked me up.
Q2: I sat next to Jacob in the back, and talked with his family and him for a bit.
Q3: I think Jacob's father is a rather kind person, but I could tell that Jacob and his mother didn't really trust me.
Q4: He seemed to be very nervous around me, probably because he didn't trust strangers such as myself. He was very quiet throughout the car ride and took glances at me every now and then. I also saw him write my surname on the car window, for whatever reason.
Q5: The boy kicked me and caused me to slam into the door on my side, which gave way and ended up with me being thrown out the car.
Q6: Yes. I imagine that it would be one nasty cleanup for the police or whoever that was going to clean my remains off the road, and I don't really understand why Jacob would attack me, but I trust that he will be punished fairly.

(Yes I messed up in the video a couple of times)

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