Wednesday, 27 February 2013

English Recording

Interviewer:Do you mind telling us why you were hitching a ride on that fateful day?

Ian Rellik:Firstly,my car had broke down near Lowesoft.I walked a long distance and I reached SouthWold.As it was raining,I decided to hitchhike.

Interviewer:What happened when you boarded the car?

Ian Rellik:Well,the boy was looking suspiciously at me.I also instantly felt that the mother was extremely uncomfortable.But,the father was cheery and kept talking with me.

Interviewer:What was your first impression of the family who gave you the car ride?

Ian Rellik:I thought they were a kind family at first as most of the cars would not stop especially during the rainy weather.I was extremely grateful to them

Interviewer:What was your impression of the boy who was sitting at the back of the car?What makes you say so?

Ian Rellik:Well,I thought he was a normal boy at the first and he didn’t talk much.He kept glancing at me with a timid face.He also noticed all my moves.I felt extremely uncomfortable.

Interviewer:How did the boy attack you and what happened after that?

Ian Rellik:Well,firstly,the boy went to some sort of position.I did not know what he was doing.Out of the blue,he kicked with all his might.I could not defend myself as my hands were in my pocket.I thought that the door will support me but instead it opened and I fell

Interviwer?Did you see your own body after the death?How did you feel about your unfortunate death?

Ian Rellik:No,I still shudder to think about it.Everything happened quickly.As soon as I hit the ground I almost fainted.I started to bounce.Then I felt something heavy crunching my bones.I felt extruanting pain and I wanted to scream and I died.I feel that the boy should get a big sentence as I did  not do anything wrong.

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