Friday, 5 April 2013

Milo Commercial Praveen

Claim: Is a good energy drink

Support: • Rich in vitamin,minerals
             • Action packed with health and extra energy
             • That great chocolatey taste

Advertistment posting

Claim : Reconnect with the new internet explorer'

Supporting details :
Toys popular back then are shown
"You grew up, so did we"
You might not remember us, but we met in the 90's

Thursday, 4 April 2013


Main claim: Strepsils, first aid for sore throats

Supporting evidence:
1) Strepsils are medically proven for instant reliefs
2) Help us get through the day

Nestle Commercial

Nutella Commercial

Main Claim: Provides children with the breakfast they want
1) Gives them a fast, delicious breakfast (with their delicious formula, makes them very active for mornings and enable them to have a fulfilling breakfast) (which of course, is false, but don't say that)
2) Uses "high-quality" ingredient (skimmed milk, hint of cocoa, hazelnuts etc.)
3) Allow the user to create a wide variety of delicious food (as demonstrated and said by the main character)

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nolan's Cheddar Commercial_Ng Keen Yung_18_S204

Main Claim: Nolan's cheddar is very strong.
Supporting evidence: After eating the cheese, the mouse became so strong it could push open a mouse trap.

Advertisement-Mamil Gold

Main Claim: This milk powder builds up the child immune system and best support the child's natural
                     defenses during his growth.

Supporting Evidence: Contains Immnuofortis, which contains prebiotic blend (zinc and iron) to support
                                    the child's natural defences.  

Intel I5 Commercial-The Chase-Arjun Appavoo

2 Supporting evidence:Experience visually stunning performance like never before only with the second generation Intel I5 processor.

Main Claim:Sponsors of Tomorrow


Discovery Channel - The World Is Just Awesome

This is the advertisement of The Discovery Channel which is a song.
The main Claim:The World Is Just Awesome.
-The first supporting evidence is throughout the video there is a montage of people saying their favourite part of the world.
-The people are also demonstrating their love for the world by demonstrating things. This makes the main aim more realistic.
- the third supporting evidence is the presence of celebrities in the video, this makes the audience more wanting to see Discovery Channel.

Video Courtesy: Uploaded in Youtube by TheDiscoveryNetwork

Dynamo Washing Powder 2010 Ad - Chiam Chuen


Main Claim:

Powder or Liquid, its scientifically  proven to clean the nastiest stains

3 Supporting Claims:

They constantly/regularly test their product, to prove it works
Targeted stain removal technology is used in their product
Its tested by scientists

Advertisment on Strepsils Cool

Main Claim:
Strepsils are first aid for sore throats.

Supporting claims:
Strepsils has a instant cooling sensation
Strepsils has a proven magic action which you can feel working deep down
Goes on working for long hours

Gabriel Teng - Advert review

Heres the link to the video

Great grains advertisement

Whole grain and is very nutritious
Steams and bakes the whole grains
Other brands are not as nutritious

Advertisement. Koh Guo Feng (13)

This advertisement is about McDonald's Chicken McGrill.

Main Claim : The Chicken McGrill is delicious, fresh, and better for you.

Supporting evidence :
1) Better is about standing out from the crowd. Better is about pushing ahead.
Better is about rising above. Implies that McDonalds is better than other brands.
2) Shows the ingredients being washed, grilled and cut, implying that they are fresh.
3) The burger looks very delicious

M.A.N. Lions City hybrid Commercial - Switching the future to green (Goh Qian Zhe)

Main Claim: Switching the future to green
1. 30% less fuel consumption
2. No noise generated
3. No Exhaust Gases

Goh Qian Zhe

Ethan_Cookie Crisp Ad

(yes, it's really corny)

Main Claim: The new chocolate chip cereal

Supporting evidences:
Look like chocolate chip cookies
Tastes like them too
But it's a breakfast cereal

MacBook Air Advertisement

Main claim: The MacBook Air is a thin laptop that is going to get popular
Supporting evidence:
1) They show a normal laptop, a thick one, and then they move over to the thin MacBook Air, showing how thin it is when compared to the first laptop.

2) They also show the person carrying the laptop with two fingers, implying that it is light, then they opened it with one finger, showing how easy and smooth it is.

3) They said that whatever we have learned has reduce to this thin laptop, then said that this will be what the next generation will be using.

Dynamo. Can Remove stains from clothes without soaking. Lynnette Leong.

Main claim
Dynamo can remove stains from clothes without soaking.

Supporting claims
Conventional powder detergents cannot get stains off even with soaking.
Dynamo combines the power of powder, brush and soaking.
A top chef who needs a clean white uniform is a satisfied customer of Dynamo.

Samsung Galaxy S3-Designed for humans-Kiran Chand S2-04

Claim-Designed for humans
-Understands our movements
-Recognizes who you are
-keeps tracks of loved ones
-waits till we sleep

English Advertisement


It claims to be good for breakfast, as:
1. Made with simple quality ingredients such as hazelnuts
2. No artificial preservatives or colouring added
3. Great on multigrain bread and waffles
4. Easy to prepare and everyone in the family enjoys it

Wai Kit (19)

Tan Shi Jie - Video Commercial

This is the link to the commercial.

It is a Pizza Hut Crown Crust Burger commercial.

Made with perfectly grilled mini cheese burgers.
Natural and Golden Crown Crusts
Topped with beef and Veggies

McDonalds Savers Menu
Main Claim:
Food in McDonalds are cheap and affordable

-Sundae is only $1.50
-Honey Lemon Drumlets are only $2 for 2
-You can afford many things with $2 like the McChicken, Cheeseburger etc.

Nestle Philippines TV Commercial: Koko Krunch "Fuel For School" (Jiawen)

Claim: Fuel For School
-Made with whole grain
-Provides vitamins, minerals, fibre and energy.
-Kids will have a great time in school after having Koko Krunch.