Sunday, 14 July 2013

Tham Chun Leong - Ethical Dilemmas



Hello, now I will be discussing with you the three ethical dilemmas that I feel are more important than the others.  
  1. Plagiarism
Definition: The act of using other’s works as yours, copying
Example: During a school project, forgot to list the sources for the information I got online, got into trouble for that.
How to avoid it: If you want to take other’s works, do not copy the entire thing but only the concept, and the safest is to seek permission from the original owner.

  1. Invasion of privacy
Definition: Using information or photographs that may harm the owner because he did not want it to be leaked out.
Example:  Does not only apply to journalism.
      Taking pictures of someone without their permission and posting them online
      Spies, leaking information about a secret organisation
How to avoid it: Avoid getting your own information, try to use information that the interviewee sent and permits for using himself/herself.

  1. Bias
Definition: Only taking one side of the story. Saying from your point of view.
Example: When someone gets into trouble, there must be two point of views, one from the victim and another form the bully, it does not matter whether he/she committed the fault, they still have their side of the story that probably led to the incident.
How to avoid it: Always tell the story from a third, neutral person’s point of view. 

Consequences: The person who leaked the secret may be asked to remove it or if it is a very serious matter, they may be handled by the law.


  1. Good work, but certain unnecessary pauses and slowness. Overall good job :P

  2. Good work but it may be possible to elaborate more upon each example for example how to refrain from being accused of doing such things.

  3. Good examples for each scenario but voice could be clearer and louder.

  4. Good examples that are easy to understand, speed of reading can be faster.

  5. Rather good explanation. But the voice could be clearer, but overall gopd. Keep it up. :D