Monday, 22 July 2013

Taxi Driver- achutha, yunhui, chun leong

Taxi Driver returning money to owners: hard news
It tells the reader information of the 5Ws. Who, When, What, Where, Why.

Who- taxi driver, Sia Ka Tian and thai couple
When- 11.30am 19 November
what- Thai couple left money in the taxi, taxi driver returns it to them.
where- Singapore (picked them up at The Sail condominium at Marina Bay, dropped them off at Golden Mile Complex.
why- The taxi driver felt that the money was not important to him and he did not need it since it did not belong to him and he did not know how to use it so he returned it to the couple.  

The taxi driver checks the back seat after the couple left, only to see the black paper bag with money in it, after dropping them off at a shopping mall. He thought, “The money is unimportant to me. It doesn't belong to me, so how can I use it?” He then brought the bag back to his transport company.His colleagues counted SG $1.1 million in thousand-dollar bills. The Thai couple reported loss to the company and the taxi driver was waiting for them for collect the bag back.

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