Sunday, 14 July 2013

Goh Qian Zhe - Ethical Dilemmas

Hello everyone, today I am presenting about the ethical dilemmas. Choose THREE of the Seven Ethical Dilemmas and create a podcast (audio or video) explaining these dilemmas and coming up with specific scenarios for each one.

The focus should be on determining moral grey areas and if the scenario is a violation of ethical standards or not.

Come up with scenarios of your own creation, not from past news stories or the internet.

There is a time limit of 2 minutes MINIMUM—no maximum. If you write a script, please upload that with your video/audio podcast to the class EL Blog.

Eg. Ditheis Kiel’s son was said to be involved in a scandal. The author of Folerburg Press, Einsalbourg Grutorf wrote him in a way, which is so atrocious although he did not do this.
Biasness in Journalism is basically, from what I see, writing a story or an article based on one viewpoint. This could, eventually, harm the party, which has been wrong, or written badly.

From what I think, plagiarism is actually making an article that others write to be yours. This constantly happens, as people do not write the source of where the information came from.
For example: I am a writer of Folerburg Press. I got information of the new 777 -9X, which would be operating, in Folerburg Airlines in 2019 from Folerburg Airlines but I claimed that the information is mine. This basically means that I am claming information which is not mine to be mine.

Offending or distasteful content:
From what I think, offending or distasteful content is something, which is rather hard to avoid on modern newspapers. This is because the people whom they interview might be even spewing vulgarities about something. Nonetheless, if we encounter these kinds of situation, we should not reveal these words to the public, like phrasing the response in another way, or censoring the vulgarity.
An example of what a journalist should not do is:
“ How do you feel about this incident?”
“ I was F***ing afraid. It was so bad man. All the stuff flying around like S***”
An example a journalist should do is:
“How do you feel about this incident?”
“I was very afraid. It was very bad, with all the stuff flying around”

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