Monday, 22 July 2013

Asiana Airlines (Ethan, Chihan, Angeline)

On July 6, Asiana Flight 214 from Seoul to the United States crashed landed at San Francisco International Airport, killing 3 passengers and injuring 168,  including 10 people who were in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital, which included two children . The plane carried 307 people including 16 crew members. 

The Boeing 777 appeared to have touched down tail first and landed short of the runway. The tail was torn off and it burst into flames.

Survivor Elliott Stone stated that as the plane came in to land, it appeared the pilot "sped up, like the pilot knew he was short."

"And then the back end just hit and flies up in the air and everybody's head goes up to the ceiling."

A survivor, also tweeted a dramatic photo of people streaming out of the jet, which was missing its tail. An inflatable slide was at the front entrance and at least part of the aircraft's landing gear was separated from the fuselage.
"I just crash landed at SFO. Tail ripped off. Most everyone seems fine. I'm ok," the survivor, David Eun, wrote.

After further investigation, there is still no certainty of the cause of the incident. It could neither be blamed on mechanical fault or the pilot's. However, some suggests that it could be the autothrottle did not engage, due to a malfunction, causing the landing speed had an error.

Furthermore, they also stated that it was not the pilot’s fault. However, according to a previous witness, the pilot sped up upon last minute realisation of the plane crash. In addition, the pilot had not flown the plane for a very long time, thus many question his ability of piloting the Boeing 777, due to his lack of experience.
We are also regret to announce that new sources states that Ye Mengyuan, 16, had survived the plane crash, only to be run over by a fire truck rushing to the scene. The evidence states that upon being covered by foam, she was hidden from view. This brings the death toll up to 3.

Overall, we are regret to announce that this incident had happened and that Asiana had apologised. Further investigations will be done to find the cause of the crash.


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