Saturday, 13 July 2013

3 out of Seven dilemmas faced

  • taking some other persons work as your own, or imply that it is yours
  • Writing a research paper and not quote any sources in bibliography
  • easily take images from google, or can photoshop.
  • nowadays its hard to know what exactly is plagiarizing someones work, 
  • imagine seeing your own work on a news article on some website
  • must keep in mind to quote sources
  • thats what bibliography is for
  • best way is to buy the rights to the info

  • will alway lean to one side
  • instead of writing it impartially
  • no one is completely free of bias
  • shldnt be closed minded
  • have to consider one side
  • in favour of one

Invasion of Privacy
  • where someone invades your privacy and take information about u
  • or they name you
  • esp if u are a victim, and wish for your name not to be known
  • but it accidentally published, big invasion of privacy
  • lines are blurred to where exactly u are invading ppl privacy
  • especially with paparazzi and the freedom of press
  • information is easily taken from social networking sites like fb and twitter
  • some pl take that as invasion of privacy but some dont.
  • stars and celebrities generally are less private becos they are famous
  • but there are ppl like us who like to keep to our selves
  • be cautious and be mindful of ppl 
-sensitive to ppl

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