Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mr.Jacob Interview

This is the interview with Mr.Jacob

The Script:

Q1. Of course not! I could sense something wrong with him when he entered the car. Hw looks so creepy and unkempt. I thought that he was an escapee from the fair fields mental hospital.
Q2.He was a vey strange man. He was repeatedly looking at me and he was also very suspicious. 
Q3.According to whatever I heard and whatever I thought, he seemed very very suspicious. He was about to kill me!I heard it! I had to do something quick to protect my family.
Q3.I don't know. It happened in a rush!I only could vividly remember Mr. Rellik shouting for help before he was ran over by a truck. After that I explained to my dad why actually happened. Some how, he looked very disappointed.
Q5. The had the gall to say that Mr.Rellik was innocent! I couldn't believe my ears when they said that I was insane. The blood on his wrist was true! The words that he said was true. Noone believed me!
Q6. Oh…Well I miss him a lot. That day on the train was supposed to be the best day ever.Unfortunately, he fell out of the train.

----Done By:Anbarasan Subramaniyan and Sarah Chan----

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