Tuesday, 5 March 2013

English Video with Jacob

Interviewer : Good morning Mr Jacob! How are you today? Thank you for granting this exclusive interview with you.

Interviewer : Do you mind telling us what happened that day? We understand that the Mr Rellik was trying to hitch a ride from your family. Were you for the idea and why?

Jacob.Good Morning,anyway I was definitely not for the idea to let Mr Rellik hitch a ride from my family.Firstly I was scared that he was a lunatic as the lunatic asylum was nearby and furthermore the road has no buildings and in this I did not like people hitchhiking in my car,

Interviewer : What was your first impression of the hitchhiker, Mr Rellik?

Jacob:Well to be frank I thought he was a bit nuts as people would not be wearing those type of weird clothes during a rainy weather.

Interviewer:Why did you attack Mr Rellik in the end?
Jacob:I had confirmed my suspicions that he was a killer.For example he lied about his location of where he wanted to go and he had blood on his hands and he also mouthed the words”I will kill you” to me.

What happened when you attacked Mr Rellik?

My father was confused and my mother saw this incident and she screamed.I had no fear as I had saved myself and my parents.Then my parents drove me to Fairfields and they made me talk to the doctor.

Interviewer : What did the people here in Fairfields tell you about Mr Rellik? Do you believe them? Why?

They said that Mr Rellik name was actually Mr Renwick.They also told me that he was a gardener and told me that his car had broken down and he managed near Southwold.They also told me that the silvery thing was cigarette case and it was not a knife.I did not believe.

Interviewer:Could you tell us more about Eddy?

I know for sure that I was not the one who had killed him.He was like a normal brother and I did not understand why jumped of the tracks.

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