Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Arjun and Lynnette

Interviewer: Good morning Mr Jacob! How are you today? Thank you for granting this exclusive interview with you. Do you mind telling us what happened that day? We understand that Mr Rellik was trying to hitch a ride from your family. Were you for the idea and why?

Jacob: Yes, Mr Rellik was trying to hitch a ride from my family, but no, I was against the idea of picking him up. No one but my father would be senseless enough to pick up that stranger. That stranger was very creepy and menacing.

Interviewer: What was your first impression of the hitchhiker, Mr Rellik?

Jacob: This may seem a bit far-fetched to you, but he looked like a bloodthirsty psychopath to me.

Interviewer: Bloodthirsty psychopath?

Jacob: Yes indeed!

Interviewer: Why did you attack Mr Rellik in the end?

Jacob: He kept whispering to me that he was going to kill me and even showed me his knife in his jacket. I recalled that the car door at his side was spoilt. I had to save my family. Out of instinct, I kicked him out of the car. I don't know… I don't know!

Interviewer: What happened after you attacked Mr Rellik?

Jacob: On the other end of the road, a tractor trailer ran over Mr Rellik and I knew for sure that the hitchhiker had died. I took this moment to explain to my parents about what Mr Rellik had said to me and the lies he had told about himself. My father told me that it was alright and checked with the tractor trailer driver about how Mr Rellik had died. After that, my father reentered the car and drove on without saying another word.

Interviewer: What did the people here at Fairfields tell you about Mr Rellik? Do you believe them? Why?

Jacob: The people here in Fairfields told me his name was Mr Renwick, not Rellik and that he was a gardener, not a murderer. I don't believe them. I know that they are trying to cover up for that madman!

Interviewer: Could you tell us more about your brother Eddy?

Jacob: My brother Eddy hated me a lot. He liked to tease me a lot. He got his punishment one day when we were travelling to Ipswich in a train. Before the train arrived, he fell onto the train tracks and was run over by the train. He deserved it.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your time.

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