Tuesday, 5 March 2013

English with Jacob.

By Qian Zhe, Zhong Zhi and Shijie. (11,16 and 21)
Zhong Zhi, if you see this, I do not have the script so could you post it in the comments?

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  1. Sry for late post:

    Interview: Good morning Mr Jacob! How are you today? Thank you for granting me this exclusive interview with you

    Interview: Do you mind telling us what happen that day? We understand that Mr Rellik was trying to hitch a ride from your family. Were you for the idea and why?

    Jacob: I was never for the idea. When you are near a insane asylum, you do not stop for anyone. No matter what happens, you don't stop!

    Interview: What was your first impression of the hitchhiker, Jacob?

    Jacob: He.....he was dangerous.......I saw the blood on his hands. He, he threaten to kill me....NO! HE WANTED TO KILL ME! So....I must do something about it......

    Interview: Why did you attack Mr. Rellik in the end?

    Jacob: He was a threat to my family so I have to eliminate him. If...If you see a threat, you destroy it, right? To protect my family, I have to eliminate him.....

    Interview: What happen after you attack Mr. Rellik?

    Jacob: I....I saw him falling, eyes full of contempt, as he flied out of the car. You should have heard the sound of him falling. My mother was stunned by this. Then, a scream. My father stop his car, turn around and look at me. His eyes betrayed his sense of fear.

    Interview: What did the people here tell you about Mr. Rellik? Do you believe them? Why?

    Jacob: They told me he was not a killer, not a psycho, but a innocent man. A INNOCENT MAN! DO YOU BELIEVE THEM? Those people are lying. It is always the same. With Eddie, and now with Rellik. Do you actually believe I would kill my own brother? HE FELLED! HE FELLED! Thats all.....

    Interview: Could you tell me more about your brother Eddie?

    Jacob: My brother? He.....he felled. Thats all. Thats right, he felled into the train tracks and die.....He deserved it, in a sense. He deserved what happen to him. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN WHAT HE DONE TO ME. He....he must DIE! HE DESERVED IT! Thats all........