Monday, 13 May 2013

Tham Chun Leong (23) - Martians V.F.W

Setting the scene, introducing characters/ background information

The New York Parade marking the geophysical year was about to start.
Manager was a 200lb Mr Crethers, enthusiastic and great coordinator, organizing marches, location floats and placing floats in their proper orders, barking commands
4 million will watch the parade

The situation is developed/ more characters or information is introduced

One hundred and fifty ants.
They wanted to participate in the parade.

Something happens to complicate the lives of characters/ conflict is introduced

Everybody and everything started to happen in slow motion, including the way the boy spoke.

A decisive moment is reached. Matters come to a head. Suspense can be high

The boy’s father did not reply him even when he repeatedly ask questions to his father

Matters are resolved and /or summed up. Some sort of satisfactory end is reached

It was concluded through a radio signal that those people who had attended the parade had died and that the ents were killing the people with real guns.

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