Monday, 13 May 2013

Gabriel_Teng (22) Martians V.F.W.

Setting the scene, introducing characters/ background information

The NewYork Parade marking the geophysical year was about to start.
Manager was a 200 pound Mr Crethers, enthusiastic and a great coordinator, organizing marches, locating floats and placing floats in their proper orders, barking commands in washington square.
4 million people are watching the parade.

The situation is developed/ more characters or information is introduced

Mr Crethers’ jaw dropped in amazement as he saw 150 life-sized ants. He thought that the stress was making him hallucinate, seeing things.
One of the ants approached him in a friendly manner. He explains that he is part of the Martian V.F.W.s and their  purpose there and requests that his group have a place in the parade.

Something happens to complicate the lives of characters/ conflict is introduced

A boy who was watching the parade with his father was very excited to see the Martian V.F.W.s pass by. when the Martian V.F.W.s have left, suddenly everything started to slow down.

A decisive moment is reached. Matters come to a head. Suspense can be high

The ants’ communications officer described to their commander the success of the mission while their space ship hovered over the Atlantic.
He says the mission as accomplished, 4 million dead, super-isonic rays spread over Manhattan and that the advance team are awaiting further orders.

Matters are resolved and /or summed up. Some sort of satisfactory end is reached

The commander decided not to wait any longer decided to start the invasion.

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