Monday, 13 May 2013

Martian V.F.W. (Koh Guo Feng - 13 - S2-04)

Setting the scene, introducing characters/ background information

The New York Parade marking the start of the geophysical year is being held in Washington Square. Mr Crethers was in charge of the parade.
He was heavy, enthusiastic and was a great coordinator, organizing marches,    
locating floats and placing them in their proper orders, barking commands to various staff. 
4 million people will watch the parade.

The situation is developed/ more characters or information is introduced

Strange creatures appeared and surprised Mr Crethers. He thought the Martian V.F.W. were people playing a trick on him, but they had permission from his higher-ups to perform in the parade. 

Something happens to complicate the lives of characters/ conflict is introduced

During the parade, the boy was bored of the endless stream of bands. He was then interested by the Martian V.F.W., dressed in their comical ant costumes, wielding toy ray guns. Both him and his father were laughing hysterically as they were extremely funny.

A decisive moment is reached. Matters come to a head. Suspense can be high

In the boy’s perspective, everyone’s actions were becoming slower and slower. Suddenly, everything froze, and the parade came to a standstill. Perhaps everyone felt that way, that they were the only person moving in the crowd of unmoving bodies, but were actually already dead, which may be an effect of the isonic(?) weapon of the Martians.

Matters are resolved and /or summed up. Some sort of satisfactory end is reached

Martians were launching an attack on Manhattan, and the Martian V.F.W. were real martians acting as performers. All four million spectators were killed, and the Martians were moving in to cause further damage.

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