Monday, 13 May 2013

Liew Jiawen (06) - Martians V.F.W

Place: New york, Washington square. 
People: Mr Cruthers, Martian V.F.W
Mr Cruthers: 200lb, enthusiastic and a great coordinator, organizing marches, locating floats and placing floats in their proper orders, barking commands.
Four million people watching the parade.

The ants appeared. 
Ants: Head was a brilliant yellow, two large goggle eyes, burnt brown low slung abdomen, six feet tall. One ant approached and he appeared friendly.

Complication: The ants were not on the list of the parade. The ants threatened to sue Mr Cruthers if they were not on the list.

Climax: Everyone in the parade began to slow down.

Resolution: Everyone slowed down and came to a stop, including the boy. Manhattan Island had been cut down the middle and 4 million spectators were dead.

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